University of Huddersfield - Criminology Conference 2008

The British Society of Criminology Conference 2008 hosted by the Applied Criminology Centre at the University of Huddersfield "Criminological Futures; Controversies, Developments and Debates" 9th-11th July 2008

The 2008 Conference reflects the breadth of contemporary criminology and the diversity of theoretical and applied approaches to analysing, explaining and reducing crime. Whilst it is intended that the theme of the conference should reflect the broad range of current debates and controversies within the field of criminology, there will be a specific emphasis upon:

1. Building bridges between theory, research and practice

2. Technologies for crime detection and prevention

3. The role of Practitioners

There will be three major plenary sessions. In the first, Professor Julian Roberts, University of Oxford, and Dr Shadd Maruna, Queens University Belfast, will be talking about issues surrounding sentencing, rehabilitation and re-integration. In the second, Professor Barry Goldson, University of Liverpool and Martin Narey, Chief Executive, Barnados will discuss the use of evidence in relation to youth justice policy and the link between poverty and youth crime. In the third, Professor Martin Gill, Director of PRCI, and Professor Sandra Walklate, University of Liverpool, will address the culture of fear and ask, surveillance: does it work?

Other highlights include a conference dinner speech by Professor Jock Young, University of Kent, entitled "The Criminological Imagination". There will also be a number of book launches, a series of author/editor meets critics sessions.

Further information can be found on the conference web-site or by emailing

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