Online LLB at RGU: so flexible, it's almost criminal

The law is relevant in every aspect of life and in the police force, it is, of course, of particular significance. This does not just apply in the most obvious areas of criminal law and the law of evidence - the police force is a major public body where the implications of almost every area of the law, both civil and criminal, apply daily. A law degree exposes students to a wide range of legal subject areas - a broad legal education lies at the heart of all LLB courses. The trouble for those attracted to completing a law degree while trying to hold down a job is this: can they afford to give up an evening or two a week to attend classes? Usually not.

The answer may be to consider an Online LLB. There are a number of such courses available, but there are a variety of structures, prices and tuition methods. The Online LLB offered by Robert Gordon University (RGU) is the only such degree accredited by the Law Society of Scotland. It can be taken on a part-time or full time basis, and (with the exception if an initial induction session before the start of Year 1) there is no requirement to attend on campus at all.

There are optional classes each semester. However, this is not a correspondence course - far from it. The classroom environment is simulated online. This is done in two ways. Firstly, lectures are in audio format with accompanying power point presentations, so that you can listen to and watch the presentations as you would in the classroom - you can listen as often as you want, take a break when you want and even travel around and use the presentations on a portable device. The second classroom measure is the use of live online tutorials. These use web-based software so that as long as you have an internet connection, you can take part in a live class with your tutor and classmates no matter where you are.

This flexible course is therefore ideally suited to those already in law enforcement and related professions who are looking to gain knowledge and develop key skills required to advance their careers while still working.

The online LLB can be taken over two, three or four years with students benefiting from a flexible structure, where they can accelerate or decelerate the learning process to suit changes in their personal or work environments.

RGU's online LLB aims to develop the key intellectual, professional and personal skills which are highly valued in the workplace and to equip students with both the fundamental and specialist knowledge to meet the challenges and demands of a wide range of jobs across a spectrum of employment sectors.

The university has a wealth of experience in online teaching, currently tutoring hundreds of students on its well-established Online Law Masters courses.

In addition, the university was the first to have its long-standing on-campus LLB (Hons) course re-accredited recently by the Law Society of Scotland, a further indication of the pioneering approach of the Law Department.

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