Customer Service Excellence (Level 3 Award)

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Ref: EDSH - BOS04
Course Type: Home Study
Study Hours: 60 Hours/Flexible
Tel: 0800 009 6081

Whether you wish to embark upon a career in customer service or simply want learn a practical skill for everyday use, the distance learning Customer Service Excellence course can provide you with all the necessary skills.

The home study course teaches you everything from the fundamentals of customer service through to the more complex skills, all through cost-effective home study. The distance learning course is designed to suit you, allowing you to learn customer service skills in a flexible and convenient manner.

If you'd like a career in customer service or would like to simply learn this highly useful practical skill, the home study customer service course is the ideal distance learning training course for you.


The objectives of the course are to:

Understand excellent service and why it is important
Define service excellence
Identify what customers want
Devise a plan for service excellence
Deliver a service excellence project
Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the plan
Maintain service excellence in your organisation

The NCFE Customer Service Excellence course is divided into seven comprehensive modules:

Module One

What is Customer Service Excellence?
Why Plan for Excellence?
Traditional Quality Systems
Modern Quality Systems

Module Two
Why is Service Excellence Important?
Financial Necessity
Legal Necessity
Marketing Necessity
Survival Necessity
Stakeholder Necessity

Module Three
What Do Customers Want?
Identification of Needs
Revealed Requirements
Expected Requirements
Emotional Requirements
Finding Out What Customers Want
Market Research

Module Four
How to Plan for Service Excellence
Where Do You Fit In?
Understanding the Situation
Deciding on Standards
Aims and Objectives
Making a Plan for Any Size of Quality Project

Module Five
How to Deliver Service Excellence
Project Plan with Quality Milestones
Quality Requirements and Objectives
Organisation and Responsibilities
Conventions and Standards
Controlling Change
Resources and Deliverables
Supplier Control
Quality Techniques

Module Six

How to Monitor Service Excellence
Quality Assurance
Corrective Action
Design Reviews
Quality Audits and Reviews
Testing and Reliability
Training for Service Excellence

Module Seven
How to Maintain Service Excellence
Quality Evaluation
Improving Skills
Improving Service

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