Child Care, Learning & Development (Level 3 Award)

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Course Type: Home Study
Study Hours: 150 Hours/Flexible
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A distance learning course is the ideal way to gain a Child Care Learning & Development award. Whether you're looking to go on to further education, improve your job prospects or expand your knowledge, distance learning Child Care Learning & Development is a flexible and convenient course, which allows you to comprehensively prepare for an exam or career through home study. What's more, because the distance learning Level 3 Child Care Learning & Development course is a fully comprehensive course, no prior knowledge is required.

The NCFE/EDI Level 3 Child Care Learning and Development course is the perfect home study course to help you gather an all-round knowledge of the childcare sector. It is a highly rewarding, challenging and exciting course and is perfect for anyone wishing to embark on a career in childcare.

This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of principles and practice of Child care and who are seeking to work in the sectors of childminding, nannying, babysitting and related occupations. The programme covers not only the care of children but also providing for children's development and learning needs through to age 11.

The NCFE / EDI Child Care Learning & Development course is divided into five comprehensive units:

Unit 1 Principles and values underpinning work with children and the protection and promotion of children's rights
1.1 principles and values in the sector
1.2 children's rights and legislation
1.3 child protection
1.4 personal Development

Unit 2
The provision of healthy, safe and secure environments for children
2.1 health and safety
2.2 risk assessment
2.3 emergencies, illness and accidents
2.4 employment rights and responsibilities

Unit 3 The provision of effective and high quality childcare environments
3.1 caring for the disabled child
3.2 physical care of children
3.3 quality of childcare environments
3.4 data protection

Unit 4
Promoting child and young person development
4.1 child and young person development
4.2 supporting transitions
4.3 multi-agency working
4.4 managing the child-care setting

Unit 5 Promoting learning within early education frameworks
5.1 promoting learning
5.2 early education frameworks
5.3 purpose and role of learning and development of young people
5.4 assessing and recording achievement

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