Business Management (Level 3 Award)

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Ref: EDDCA - BM01
Course Type: Home Study
Study Hours: 92 Hours/Flexible
Tel: 0800 009 6081

If you'd like to gain the skills needed to launch a career in Business Management, the distance learning Business Management course is ideal. The distance learning Business Management course provides training in proven techniques which can be used to motivate people and build their self-esteem.

With this home study course, a personal tutor is available to help you through the course. Additionally, our student advisors are only a phone call away. What's more, because the Business Management course is so comprehensive, no prior knowledge or skills are required.

Managers are possibly the most crucial factor to the success of any business. Every component in a business is important but it's up to the manager to pull the components together and make them work successfully. That is why skilled managers are so valuable in today's business climate where issues of quality, cost and competition are key to business success. Good business management is not just about intuition, being a good leader or being assertive; it has become a science relying upon skills and knowledge.

Imagine yourself as a manager - higher pay, greater job security, prestige, not to mention a strong sense of personal satisfaction. It's within your power to make the dream a reality with the Learning Business Management Diploma.

So, if you see yourself as having a bright career as a business manager, then enrolling on the Business Management course could be the best thing you've done.


Management skills and issues
Structure and authority
Models of management
The growth of international business
Planning and organising
Using the marketing mix
Leading and controlling the business

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