Introducing FAICETECH For Cutting-Edge Facial Recognition Solutions

Monday, 20 May, 2024

Following on from the Home Secretary recently announcing that over the next four years the government will be investing £55million across the country to ramp up police use of facial recognition technology – a vital tool proven to help catch criminals more quickly – SBD member company FaiceTech are highlighting how their cutting-edge solutions can help in this fight against crime.

FaiceTech stands at the forefront of innovative facial recognition technology, offering cutting edge, British built facial recognition solutions. With a focus on enhancing security measures while upholding privacy standards, FaiceTech has two flagship products, FaiceAlert and FaiceMatch.

FaiceAlert is real-time facial recognition monitoring seamlessly integrated into live streams.

Leveraging proprietary technology, FaiceAlert provides instantaneous facial identification, empowering security teams to swiftly respond to potential threats.
FaiceMatch sets a new standard in retrospective facial recognition, enabling the identification of individuals from archived footage. This powerful tool aids in investigations, allowing authorities to efficiently track and apprehend suspects with unmatched accuracy.

FaiceTech actively collaborates with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), local authorities, police forces, and retail crime alliances to enhance security infrastructure and combat criminal activities effectively. With a commitment to data integrity and privacy, FaiceTech operates only siloed databases, ensuring each entity retains control over their data. This approach grants authorities, such as police forces and retail crime alliances, the autonomy to manage their information securely.

FaiceTech prides itself on its proprietary technology, meticulously crafted on British soil to ensure reliability, innovation and trust. FaiceTech prioritises privacy by adopting a privacy-centric design philosophy. This ensures that privacy and human rights considerations are embedded into the core of their solutions, maintaining the trust and confidence of stakeholders.

Will Walters, FaiceTech, said: “Facial recognition is such an emotive subject for the general public, but we are very pleased to see both increasing acceptance from the public and media of the enormous positive impact that it can have for public safety, and the recent commitment from the Home Secretary and Policing Minister to use facial recognition more in policing. When we started down this path a couple of years ago we made a conscious decision to act solely as a data processor to put privacy and security at the heart of everything we do, and it is so gratifying to see that we made the right call, and where that decision has taken us.”

Hazel Goss, Secured by Design, said: “It is fantastic that we have member companies who are working every day to reduce crime, with FaiceTech being one of those companies, offering excellent products to help combat retail crime by using facial recognition software.

“Retail crime is high on the agenda due to these types of crimes being on the rise and new laws being introduced to reduce assaults on staff. Facial software is an ideal tool in helping to combat crime and more so retail crime.”

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