Young people and thePolice Race Action Plan

Monday, 25 March, 2024


Dozens of young people have had their say on the flagship plan to tackle racism and discrimination in policing as part of a major programme of work by the Police Race Action Plan.

Groups of young people from across the country came together in Birmingham this weekend to give their views on policing and what the plan should focus on.

The event at Birmingham City Football Club is just one part of an unprecedented period of outreach work by the programme to reach young people from Black communities.

The Police Race Action Plan has partnered with community groups such as Elevated Minds and Mainzworld to run sessions in schools in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Nottingham to discuss the plan with young people and get their thoughts.

A discussion on the plan was also featured on a 90s Baby Show YouTube live stream last week.

Feedback from all these sessions will be used to shape a refresh of the Police Race Action Plan this summer.

This is all in addition to work in individual forces across the country to speak to young people and get their views on the ongoing commitment to make policing anti-racist.

Police in Cambridgeshire and Northumbria have run their scrutiny panels on police powers like stop and search in local schools and colleges, while many forces such as Dorset and Hertfordshire are looking to introduce specialist independent advisory groups made up of young people.

T/Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dr Alison Heydari, programme director of the Police Race Action Plan, said: “We are working extraordinarily hard to ensure the voice of young people is heard in our unrelenting efforts to drive out racism and discrimination from policing.

“I am heartened to see such a wealth of activity going on nationally but also among local communities by individual forces.

“Policing has not always got this right in terms of working with and speaking to Black communities, and especially to young people.

“I am determined to ensure this programme can help address that and bring more young Black people in to take part in the conversation and shape policing for the better.”

Workstream three of the Police Race Action Plan aims to ensure Black people and communities are routinely involved in the governance of policing.

For more information about the plan visit The Police Race Action Plan (

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