Police officers approaching retirement should not be apprehensive of the future. Fantastic opportunities await you after leaving the service.

Tuesday, 11 December, 2018

Retiring from the police can be daunting; it’s the end of one phase in your life and the beginning of another. Change should not be feared, though, and understanding how to prepare for life after the police can offer peace of mind in the run-up to retirement.

For the last seven years Metfriendly has provided free pre-retirement seminars to all those approaching retirement. Careers expert Angela Hackett, from Police into Private Sector (linkedin.com/in/AngelaHackett), is a regular speaker at the seminars and she is keen to offer her insight into the challenges retirees face and how to overcome them.

When you leave the service, you’ll have opportunities for new roles, new skills and an exciting future. With that in mind, here are Angela’s tips for those approaching retirement.

Sell yourself

It may have been years since you wrote a CV, and jobhunting has changed since then. Don’t be worried that shouting about your achievements and skills will be seen as showing off. You need to sell yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Think about how your skills and successes translate into the jobs you’re applying for.

You need to tell people how good you are and how policing skills fit into the private sector. And if this feels overwhelming, come and work with us and we can get your CV and LinkedIn profile all sorted for you.

Networking is key to success

When leaving the police, having varied contacts enhances your prospects.

Networking may feel like a challenge, but, today, there are easy ways to get started. Sign up to LinkedIn and invite family, friends, colleagues and look for colleagues, serving and those that have left to connect with. The point is to spread your network as far as possible.

Use groups to learn about different sectors. What do people in them talk about? What terms do they use? You’ll absorb invaluable information for interviews.

Join the Police into Private Sector LinkedIn group for help building the connections, get ideas and talk to others who have left or are also leaving policing.

Prepare for a transition period

Moving into a new career will require an adjustment period. Focus on the excitement of exploring interests outside policing, with your police pension for financial stability.

You have nothing to prove and retirement can be a stepping stone to greater things. Employers will be keen to make use of your policing skills once they understand them. It’s simply about finding the right opportunity.

What can I do now?

Getting ready for a new career should be an exciting prospect. It’s a chance to try new things, expand your skills, meet new people and start a new chapter.

Preparation is key to a smooth transition so why not sign up to attend one of Metfriendly's pre-retirement seminars, see their advert opposite to find out more? You can then to begin narrowing down the areas you’re interested in post-retirement.

Being open-minded is the key – you don’t have to do what others have done. Start by getting your name out there. There’s no time like the present to network and get your CV and social media presence sorted. You never know when that perfect opportunity will come along!

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