CSMA Club reaches out to the long arm of the law welcoming Police Force employees into its exclusive club

Wednesday, 12 February, 2014


CSMA Club is an organisation run by members for the benefit of members and their families. The collective buying power of 300,000 members ensures individuals can save hundreds of pounds annually. From insurance to leisure retreats, shopping discounts to cinema tickets, CSMA Club has something for everyone.

Established in 1923, CSMA Club has saved members over £9 million in 2012 alone. Over the years it has evolved to ensure it remains relevant and delivers value for members. This evolution has led to the historic decision to open the club up to a number of carefully selected sectors including the police force.

The decision to include the police force is in response to the ongoing privatisation of a large number of public bodies. This has left many with reduced employee benefits and uncertain professional affiliations. CSMA Club is well placed to maintain many of these benefits.

The rationale for opening its doors to new audiences is to grow membership, which will increase buying power and therefore deliver even more benefits for members. There is a synergy between the police force and the civil service and this is why the police force has been selected.

Mark Rothery, Chief Executive at CSMA Club, commented: “Whilst our membership is in good health we are always looking at ways we can grow CSMA Club. We are therefore very excited about opening up the Club to the police force, the police force and civil servants have a lot in common and we welcome them to CSMA Club.” 

The organisation has come a long way since 1923 when founder Frank Vernon Edwards, an officer in the Ministry of Labour, founded the Civil Service Motoring Association, in order that 300 colleagues could pursue their passion for competitive motor racing and use their collective buying power to make savings on petrol and parts.

By clubbing together, CSMA Club can offer better discounts, create more special events and provide more rewarding experiences for members. Being a member is about much more than saving money on life’s essentials and leisure activities. It is also about giving members get access to exclusive events, holidays and lots more. You won’t just be better off; but you will also feel better off.

The membership fee is just £19 and allows members to tap into a host of benefits and offers, to find out more go to www.csmaclub.co.uk/police.

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