Police forces benefit from a shared organisational support solution supplied by Capita and Oracle

Thursday, 06 February, 2014

South Yorkshire Police and Humberside Police have gone live on a shared organisational support solution supplied by Capita’s Secure Resource Solutions business and implemented on the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application.

In a contract worth £1.7 million over seven years, the new system will streamline the two forces’ IT solution and help drive efficiency. Humberside Police is a longstanding user of Capita’s Origin applications and similarly South Yorkshire Police has used the Oracle ERP solution for 16 years, but under the new contract the forces will move towards a collaborative HR, finance, payroll and duty management platform, which will result in significant savings for both forces and encourage best practice.

The programme, managed by Capita, is being implemented in four phases.  Phase one upgraded the existing South Yorkshire systems to the latest Oracle technology, while the second phase enhanced the force’s HR system. These upgrades brought the force’s systems fully up to date. 

Phase three, based on a collaborative HR solution, has delivered a common shared Origin HR platform for both Humberside Police and South Yorkshire Police.  The final phase, which is expected to be completed and fully operational by the end of 2015, will see both forces combining to use Capita’s full Origin ERP platform. It will allow them to share their finance and procurement, payroll and operational duty management using Capita’s Duty Management System (DMS).

Lucy Bailey, business development director of Capita Secure Resource Solutions, said: “This is an ambitious collaboration between the two forces, one which aims to drive out force best practice and provide a more efficient and effective organisational support function.”

Nigel Hiller, finance director of South Yorkshire Police, added: “Shared services are the logical answer to the current pressure police forces are facing to cut costs and improve efficiency, while at the same time maintaining our frontline services.

“Working with Capita, Oracle and Humberside Police, our shared solution will allow us to do just that.”

Assistant chief officer (support) of Humberside Police, Phil Goatley, said: "We are all excited about the new potential for service improvement and cost reduction that this project brings to both forces.

“We must, in the context of an extending and deepening financial challenge, seek solutions for joining up services that enable our people to multi-skill and be flexible. This is just such an ambitious shared enterprise, being delivered to tight timescales for which the partnership with Capita and Oracle is an important one."

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