Ammunition recycling police initiative launched

Monday, 20 August, 2012

Steve and with Geoff Astle of Wirral Metals, the company chosen to recycle the cases after a tendering process

A FIREARMS officer in Lancashire has launched a new ecologically friendly scheme to help save money and improve the environment.

Inspector Steve Bradshaw came up with the idea to recycle used empty ammunition cases during a firearms training session.

The firearms training department is responsible for the training dozens of officers each year with the results from the new project already bearing fruit.

The first batch of the metal cases, weighting a total of 1220kg, has now been recycled producing £2,440 in revenue for the Constabulary and saving approximately two tonnes of c02.

Steve said: "There are two main advantages to recycling ammunition cases as it not only helps the environment by reducing carbon emissions but it also generates income for the Constabulary."

"Having recently recycled the first batch, the scheme will now be part and parcel of our department's practices and I am sure will become a successful long-term project for us."

Chief Superintendent Bill McMahon is the Divisional Commander responsible for Firearms Support, he added: "Steve's innovative idea is greatly welcomed by both the unit and the constabulary as a whole and will no doubt help us with our resource management."

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