PSAEW Press Release regarding Announcement of a College of Policing

Monday, 16 July, 2012

The Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales (PSAEW) has been closely involved in the development of the College of Policing.

PSAEW President Derek Barnett says, "I welcome this development and strongly believe that the College of Policing presents the service with an opportunity to further improve all aspects of policing and to elevate our professionalism for the benefit of the public. The work of the College will include setting and enhancing standards of excellence, improving recruitment and selection processes and supporting the education, development and leadership of officers and staff, as well as building a body of evidence of what works in policing to develop policing further."

"In my view we have already a strong and professional work force with world class levels of probity, investigative skills, excellent leadership and a model of policing with consent. I am confident that the College of Policing will quickly become a body of which all police officers will be proud to be a member. However, it is important that we learn the lessons of other professions and ensure that we remember to value the practical and vocational work of police officers in protecting and serving the public. And at a time when we are mourning the tragic loss of our colleague PC Ian Dibell in Essex, we must never lose sight of the need for integrity, courage and character in our police officers. I look forward to harnessing the skills and commitment of our officers together with their vocational and academic knowledge in a way that will see our officers and staff be recognised as part of a world class police service. The creation of the College provides an opportunity for the service and some of the best universities in the world to work more closely together and in a way that will prove attractive to police forces across the world."

"In working towards its vision, the College of Policing will utilise the experience and knowledge of all parts of the police service as well as the independent chair and members of the Board to ensure that the public receive the best possible policing service. I look forward to the Superintendents' Association playing a full and constructive role in the development and success of the College."

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