PSAEW President Comments on HMIC Report: The Crime Scene

Wednesday, 25 January, 2012

Derek Barnett, President of the PSAEW said;

"It is important that members of the public have confidence in the police to accurately record incidents of crime and disorder. This report clearly shows that we have in this country a robust and detailed regime of recording and categorising crime so that the public and policy makers can have an accurate picture of where and what crimes are being reported to the police. Although there are variations between Forces it is important to recognise that the sample sizes are small which makes a meaningful comparison difficult. However, as important as the process of categorisation of crime may be, what is of more concern to the public, in my view, is whether the incident has been properly investigated and the outcome communicated to the victim.

I am confident that the leaders of the Police Service will take careful note of the recommendations in the report to build upon the encouraging performance across all Police Forces."

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