Simulator to train Essex officers

Tuesday, 01 September, 2009

Essex Police are teaming up with Essex legal cruise organisers Pure Carma to launch the new Police Interceptors Simulator in Purfleet.

Interceptor favourites, Pc Steven 'Tissy'
Tisseyre and Chief Insp Paul Moor will
be launching the Prodrive Subaru Impreza at Arena Essex Raceway. This limited edition Prodrive GB270 car was involved in a police incident and was deemed un-repairable for future operational use.

However, it presented Essex Police with the opportunity to convert the car into a fully functional simulator to train police officers in dealing with pursuit situations. When not used for this, it can be used to allow members of the public to experience what its like to be in one of these high-performance vehicles in a simulated pursuit situation.

Chief Insp Paul Moor is now the District
Commander for Thurrock and before joining
the district, he was the Police Interceptors Manager so has overseen this simulator project through from beginning to end.

"The simulator is totally unique in that we have taken a real Intercept car which was going to be crushed as a write-off and made it into a useful tool for officer driver training and public engagement," said Chief Insp Moor.

"The huge benefit of having such a resource is that it allows us to put officers into simulated pursuit situations which are pressurised and
totally realistic, while reducing the amount of pursuit training required on public roads.

"This is not only far safer, but it also saves time and cost to Essex Police by not having to take operational police cars off line to train.

Having created the simulator, the spin off is the fact it gives us a high-profile tool to interact with the public, particularly the 17-24 age group who are traditionally hard for us to reach with road safety messages and advice."

The Pure Carma Event has been arranged by
Steven Greener who co-owns the organisation, which stages cruise and drifting events to get drivers off the streets and into controlled, and legal environment.

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