Cooler under the collar

Tuesday, 01 September, 2009

From August 17 all South Yorkshire
Police officers have had a new look, which, will keep them cool under
pressure. All uniformed patrol officers
have had their white shirts replaced with polo shirts following the success of recent trials and Police officers have received black polo shirts, while police community support officers (PCSOs) will wear navy blue.

The new polo shirts are made from special breathable fabric that keeps the body
dry and comfortable in all working conditions, even when wearing body armour.

The 100 per cent polyester fabric, with 'stay dry' technology controls body climate by absorbing sweat and transferring it from the skin, to
prevent chill and the garment clinging to the skin.

It is estimated that the Force will save £56,000 per annum because the polo shirts are expected to last twice as long as the old white shirts, therefore fewer replacements will be needed.

The new polo shirts are more environmentally friendly because they can be washed at 30 degrees and are almost dry after being spun in the washing machine.

Deputy Chief Constable Bob Dyson, said: "It is South Yorkshire Police policy for police officers and PCSOs to
wear 'body armour' but over time we have found that wearing a polyester/cotton shirt and tie is no longer suitable
for today's policing needs. We need to move forward. "The change to a 'wicking'
material polo shirt will offer our staff a more comfortable and less restrictive garment."

In September all uniformed police officers will also be issued with new high-visibility jackets. The jackets are made from a very lightweight, windproof
material that will enable officers to stay warm and dry.

The current 'hi-vis' jackets will gradually be phased out except for officers who are working in an environmental role i.e. traffic officers or officers in rural areas.

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