European Police report nearly 7,500 offences in bus and coach safety campaign

Tuesday, 11 August, 2009

Police issued nearly 7,500 penalties to drivers of buses and coaches in a recent week long safety operation across 17 European countries. Coordinated by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, the operation ran from 20 to 26 July and saw 38,029 vehicles stopped and checked.

As a result, 7,456 offences were detected and 168 vehicles were so badly maintained, they were prohibited from continuing their journey. More than 1,300 speeding offences were recorded, as well as 1,045 offences relating to use of seatbelts and other safety restraints.
The results also showed some further causes for concern in relation to the drivers: 55 were found to be above the legal drink drive limit, five were detected with drugs in their systems, and a further 106 did not hold a driving licence, having previously been disqualified for offences. Additionally, a total of 709 drivers hours infringements and 326 tachograph offences were detected.

TISPOL President, Wolfgang Blindenbacher, said: "Most drivers of buses and coaches achieve high standards of safety and professionalism in the important work they do. Unfortunately, there are those who are willing to put the lives of their passengers and other road users at risk by ignoring the rules which are there for everyone's safety.

"We are particularly concerned to find vehicles in such a poor state of repair that we need to prohibit them from the road. We also urge all drivers and their employers to implement and enforce rigorous internal checking procedures to ensure no journey can start unless both driver and vehicle are confirmed to be in a fit condition.

"TISPOL is committed to saving lives on the roads of Europe and will continue to enforce road traffic laws to achieve this aim."

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