Storming Success in fight Against Burglars

Thursday, 06 August, 2009

Early indications are that a new high profile operation to reduce burglaries and increase detections in Greater Manchester has made a significant impact since its launch three weeks ago, and resulted in Chief Constable Peter Fahy praising his officers' hard work.

July 20 saw the launch of the Force's Operation Storm initiative aimed at reducing burglaries and increasing detections. This started with a week of action that saw officers making more than 100 raids on properties across the county resulting in 254 arrests and more than 100 charges.

Mr. Fahy highlighted two examples, on Wednesday 5 August, of excellent police work that show the fight against burglars is continuing.

In the first example, a man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after a woman in her 80s was targeted by distraction burglars who searched her flat, stealing jewellery and cash.

Officers on routine patrol nearby noticed a man who matched one of the offender's descriptions and followed him into a nearby park where he was arrested.

In the second incident a family were threatened in their own home and offenders stole the family car. Within minutes, the number plate was circulated and the car was spotted. Officers then followed the offenders into a nearby cemetery where they were arrested.

Mr. Fahy said: "I want to congratulate my staff for their efforts in tacking burglars head-on.

"I also want to thank members of the public for the information they pass on to us - without their help we wouldn't be able to make such an impact.

"There is a common misconception that officers spend all day contemplating crime stats, but these recent successes show that officers are actually out there taking active measures to reduce burglary.

Also I'm pleased to report that in July we hit the tough targets set down by the police authority to drive down burglary.

"Of course, we cannot be complacent for a moment because burglary continues to be number one on our agenda.

"Also, the key to reducing burglary remains reducing the number of opportunities burglars have by keeping properties secure and valuable items such as car keys out of sight. Often a few simple steps is all it takes to stop burglars in their tracks. Locks, lights, alarms is sometimes all it takes."

A high profile media 'Bang up Burglars' campaign that urges residents to keep their properties safe by locking doors and windows and using alarms to keep burglars out is supplementing the enforcement work.

The campaign also urges people to share information on suspected burglars either directly with police on 0161 872 5050 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to help police bring criminals to justice.

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