Peter reaches the pinnacle of his career

Friday, 29 August, 2008

A police inspector has celebrated 30 years with West Mercia Constabulary by climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

49yr old Peter Andrews, who is based at Worcester Police Station, undertook this challenge after raising over £6000 for the charity SCOPE. He also donated £1000 to offset the cost of the expedition.

Commenting on the climb Peter said, "This was a life changing experience which I will never forget.

It was also one of the most physically demanding experiences I have ever undertaken. The memories of the spectacular scenery, the colourful Masai culture and camaraderie will remain with me for ever."

Of the 26 people who set out to climb the last 4,000 feet only 12 reached the summit.The others were driven back as a result of altitude, sickness and extreme cold.

A total of 28 trekkers from all over the UK took part in the expedition and as a result of their participation over £110,000 has been raised providing much needed funds for SCOPE's work with disabled people.

• Peter would like to encourage others to consider a life changing experience by
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