Arqiva helps Police to get MobileAware

Monday, 18 August, 2008

Arqiva today announced an exclusive reseller agreement with MobileAware, a provider of market leading technology for mobile data solutions based in Ireland and the United States. The agreement covers sales to Police Authorities in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, for three of MobileAware's core products; SmartIP, ExpressQ and IntelliSwitching.

The three MobileAware products form key elements in Arqiva's multi-bearer, multi-device police mobile data solution. They are designed to complement each other within the wireless environment and work across all the available air interfaces such as 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi and TETRA. Arqiva's solution has already been used in six mobile data trials with five different Police forces in the UK, two of which are still running, and the exclusive agreement with MobileAware will further increase the benefits for Police Forces.

The Arqiva police mobile data solution enables officers 'on the beat' to complete an increasing number of forms, providing access to national databases such as the Police National Computer (PNC) and voter's register and local databases, such as Command & Control, and intelligence. Arqiva's solution, which includes fully accredited data encryption for maximum security, enables officers to stay out on the street and helps police forces to maximise their efficiency and meet the increasing demands for greater visibility and effectiveness.

SmartIP is a client server application which optimises the 'over the air' efficiency and security of IP based applications, when communicating over wireless networks. It works in tandem with IntelliSwitching to detect network changes and maintain wireless network connections by switching networks when necessary. SmartIP also helps to improve productivity and efficiency through faster response times, minimising network costs and maximising battery life.

For times when connectivity is not possible, ExpressQ uses store and forward messaging and database synchronisation to ensure that users remain productive even in the face of coverage gaps, broken connections and network congestion. It ensures guaranteed message delivery by temporarily storing data from out-of-coverage users and then automatically forwards them when users return to in-coverage areas.

Todd Shingler, Chief Executive Officer at MobileAware, said: "Arqiva's experience with UK Police forces provides an ideal channel for the distribution of MobileAware's products into a market where they are most needed right now. Our mobile data products serve more than 100 businesses across six continents and will provide Arqiva with the reliability they expect."

Peter Harris, Head of Mobile Data at Arqiva's Public Safety Group, said: "Mobile data is high on the agenda for UK Police Forces following Sir Ronnie Flanagan's policing review in February 2008, and it is vital that the right products are implemented to help Forces meet their targets, including increased efficiency and visibility. Our mobile data solution is designed to meet the stringent requirements of today's policing, and includes the best possible products within it, in order to ensure optimal usage for our customers.
MobileAware products are key to this and help us provide the benefits that really count."

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