Making your retirement a happy one

Retirement brings many changes, some exciting, others a little more daunting. Having helped look after the finances of the Police family for 150 years, Police Mutual is well placed to help with all your retirement needs - from finances to keeping fit – and can help you through every step of your retirement journey. It does this in three key ways:

Designed for Police officers and staff within six to 12 months of retirement, Police Mutual’s highly acclaimed, free courses are engaging, thought provoking and specifically designed to help you consider all of your options and fully prepare you for making the key decisions that will define your retirement years. Topics covered include:

1. How to cope with change

  • Your Police Pension - commutation and your options - State Pension and taxation

  • Financial Planning for retirement - identifying short, medium and long term needs

  • The tools to manage your budget, plan for future expenses, and if required reduce expenditure

  • Savings and investments - how to assess the level of risk you're prepared to take and match this to investments capable of delivering the level of returns you seek

  • Taking Financial Advice - the do's and don'ts

  • Wills and estate planning

  • Preparing for a second career should you want one, including starting your own business

  • Coming up with a plan for keeping both your mind and body active; from volunteeringwith a local charity to joiningthe gym

2. Keeping in touch programme

Once a pre-retirement course is finished Police Mutual doesn’t consider its job to be done. Instead they fully acknowledge the importance of continued support as retirement approaches, and this is why they have introduced a unique program of ongoing support, open to all who have attended a pre-retirement course. These keeping in touch programmes offer proactive contact in the lead up to retirement to:

  • Remind you of key decisions and actions you might need to think about

  • Provide you with links to tools and planners to help you prepare

  • Explore the topics from the pre-retirement course in more depth as you require

3. After retirement

Police Mutual offers a range of guaranteed investments aimed at providing peace of mind for the DIY investor or, alternatively, access to fully impartial advice from its in-house independent financial advice team.

4. Get it touch

Police Mutual offers pre-retirement courses in the following forces, with more to be added soon:

•    British Transport Police
•    Bedfordshire
•    Cumbria
•    Cheshire
•    Dorset
•    Durham
•    Dyfed- Powys
•    Essex
•    Gloucestershire
•    Greater Manchester Police
•    Hampshire
•    Hertfordshire

•    Humberside
•    Kent
•    Lancashire
•    Leicestershire
•    Lincolnshire
•    Merseyside
•    Norfolk
•    Nottinghamshire
•    Police Service of Northern Ireland
•    South Yorkshire
•    Staffordshire
•    Suffolk
•    Surrey
•    Sussex
•    Warwickshire
•    Wiltshire
•    West Midlands
•    West Mercia

If you work in one of these forces please note that the booking arrangements are usually made by the force, so please contact your Learning and Development Coordinator for more details. If you work for a different force and for all other enquiries regarding pre-retirement courses, please call Police Mutual on 01543 305 387.

For further useful information visit the Police Mutual retirement centre at

  • Police Mutual Assurance Society Limited is an incorporated friendly society. Registered office: Alexandra House, Queen Street, Lichfield Staffordshire WS13 6QS.

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