Call Recording... a call to action for first responders

Primetech (UK) Ltd is bringing the very latest technology to its Rapid Deployment System, taking the capability of its secure Private GSM network to the next level.

For the first time in the UK Primetech can now include the automatic recording of all bidirectional phone calls made within, into and out of a private GSM network.
This Call Recording technology has been developed by Private Mobile Networks Ltd (PMN), a division of TeleWare Group Plc.

As the UK provider of private GSM network technology, PMN is an ideal technical partner for Primetech. For the last 12 months they have worked together to provide the blue light and civil defence services with a private and secure mobile network that is totally independent of any established public network.

Even in the most hostile environment where immediate communications are vital
but there is no phone service or the service has been disabled, a team can move in and within five minutes they can deploy the Primetech solution, gain internet access, activate the local GSM network (to over two miles when used in conjunction with Primetech's ICSN auto meshing w-fi network) and re-establish communications beyond the perimeter of the incident. The key factor of Call Recording is that any voice communications that passes through the network, irrespective of where it originated, can now be recorded.

Henry Walker, Director of Primetech, explained the advantage of this new technology: "the provision of a full audit trail of conversations will be invaluable. The facility can be incorporated into training programmes to help evaluate and advance staff performance. By being able to thoroughly review actions and tactical decisions taken by multi agency personnel during a critical incident, it can only improve the response to future emergencies."

Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director of TeleWare Plc, continued: "this is an ideal solution to support remote and rapid deployment situations as no remote recording equipment is needed and you have the ability to record calls from the mobile phone within the private mobile network. Upon completion of a call, the recording is converted into an audio file that can be received via voicemail or stored and accessed online."

The new technology has been put through its paces in trials with key services. Following a recent exercise utilising the Primetech demonstration critical incident command vehicle, Phil Richardson, North Yorkshire Police Radio Communications, commented that: "the fact that operational officers were able to use their mobile phones to call in and out over the Primetech satellite when the public network was not available, and then were in a position to review the recordings after the exercise is a key step forward. We were suitably impressed by both the performance and capability of Primetech's solution in a hazardous situation." He also highlighted the additional benefit that the force could purchase a number of phones that are pre configured to the private GSM network and issue these immediately as stand alones ready to use by commanders at the scene.

• For further information on the
technology of Call Recording, please contact:

Henry Walker
Primetech (UK) Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 8453 455 734


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