University of Northampton graduate scores the highest mark in her Police Sergeant Exam

Rebecca Watson, a former University of Northampton graduate is getting ahead with her policing career by not only passing the first part of her Police Sergeant Exam, but by scoring the highest mark in the Northamptonshire Police force, which has propelled her into the top four percent nationally.

Having graduated in 2012 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Applied Criminal Justice Studies, Rebecca is a Police Officer with Northamptonshire Police and is currently working as an Honorary Associate Lecturer within the School of Social Sciences at the University of Northampton.

Rebecca scored 75 percent, which is classed as exceptional and was placed 176th out of 4,680 candidates. The second part of her exam will be an assessment, which she will undertake in October/November 2013.

Rebecca commented: "I am very proud to have achieved such a good score in the first part of my Police Sergeant Exam and I would encourage anyone to further themselves with training and development. I have obtained a first class degree and an exceptional score in my exam over the past year, whilst working full time and being a mother to my three lovely boys."

"Studying for the Sergeant Exam has provided me with a more broad and in-depth understanding of the subjects I teach and has enabled me to see issues from a number of different angles, which can then be relayed to students to make them better prepared for when they become operational."

Chris Moore, Executive Dean of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Northampton, commented; "Rebecca's post is an example of the innovative ways of working that the School of Social Sciences excels at. Rebecca is a Police Officer employed by Northamptonshire Police and works with the University developing our students, and enabling the course and course tutors to benefit from current professional policing practice and policy."

Sergeant Damian Hiscocks, Core Policing Team Leader at Northamptonshire Police, commented: "Rebecca has worked very hard to achieve this while also designing and delivering quality training to the students at the University.Her students are members, or potential members, of Northamptonshire Police as Special Constables and a number go on to become regulars who are already fit for independent patrol. Rebecca stands as a role model to potential police officers showing what can be achieved."

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