Teaching Assistant (Level 3 Diploma)

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Study Hours: 360 Hours/Flexible
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If you'd like to embark upon a career as a teaching assistant, the distance learning teaching assistant course can provide all the necessary training.

The home study teaching assistant course can act as a springboard towards a career as a teaching assistant (sometimes referred to as a classroom assistant). The distance learning course is designed to suit you, allowing you to learn the core principles of being a teaching assistant through flexible and cost-effective home study. If you are already working as a teaching assistant, this course is an excellent way of obtaining a recognised qualification to reinforce your experience and expertise.

With the teaching assistant course, a personal tutor is available to help you through the course. Additionally, our student advisors are only a phone call away.

If you'd like a career as a teaching assistant, the home study Ascentis Level 3 Teaching Assistant course is the ideal course for you.

The Ascentis Level 3 Teaching Assistant course is divided into seven comprehensive units:

The Teaching Assistant Diploma consists of a number of modules, each of which relate to a particular aspect that is important and relevant to the teaching assistant role. The modules are organised into two groups:

Mandatory modules

There are five of these and you must complete all of them. They are:

Provide support for learning activities
Support children's development
Help to keep children safe
Contribute to positive relationships
Provide effective support for your colleagues

Optional modules
There are a number of these and you must select and complete two of them. They are:

Use information and communication technology to support pupils' learning
Support a child with disabilities or special educational needs
Support children and young people's play
Provide displays

You must therefore complete seven modules in total.

Each module within the Teaching Assistant Diploma contains a number of sections relating to different aspects of the overall topic with which it is concerned. Each section contains both descriptive text and a range of questions that are designed to test and help you demonstrate your understanding of the material covered.

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