Roadcraft Police Driver's Handbook

Roadcraft is the official Police Driver's Handbook and is used by the police to train police. It is also the recognised 'bible' for advanced and emergency response driver training and essential reading for driving instructors and any driver wishing to improve their skills and safety to a more advanced level.

Roadcraft aims to help people become better drivers by increasing awareness of all factors that affect drving - the capability of the driver, characteristics of the vehicle, and the road and traffic conditions.

has been fully revised and redesigned to include current best practice in police driving and learning design. It incorporates the best parts of the older editions with the latest knowledge in this rapidly developing field. Roadcraft has been prepared in close consultation with a working group of senior police driving instructors and other police and civilian advance driver training experts.

The first new edition in 10 years, it has been updated to reflect recent changes in the legislative framework surrounding driving and emergency response driving and new methodologies in teaching safe driving. It now also incorporates information on automotive engineering advances such as ABS and SatNav devices and their effect on driving. A new chapter has been added to teach drivers the physical and psychological aspects of driving, and how to develop mental skills to become a better driver.

This edition of Roadcraft has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers, which is satisfied that it reflects current best practice in police driver instruction and takes into account the relevant views of civilian experts.

The handbook includes;

• Chapter summaries and reviews to reinforce learning plus practical tips and exercises to put the theory into practice

• Clearly illustrated throughout

• Chapters include: mental skills for better driving; observation and anticipation; acceleration, using gears, braking and steering; maintaining vehicle stability; overtaking; driving on motorways and multi-lane carriageways

• Endorsed by IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) and ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents)

• Supersedes ISBN 0113408587

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