Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management

The Civil Safety and Security Unit (CSSU) at the University of Leicester offers two Master of Science courses - one in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, the other in Emergency Planning Management. They provide a wide-ranging interdisciplinary analysis of crises and disasters and the use of risk theory. The programmes explore debates around risk management and include detailed case studies varying from air crashes to public health incidents.

New and Enhanced Skills

Dr Jim Broderick is Director of the MSc in Emergency Planning Management. He said: 'Students get a good grounding in theory and practice and hear about the latest thinking.' A good number of police officers are enrolled on the MSc courses, drawn from the UK and overseas.

High Levels of Student Support

The courses have been running for nearly twelve years and are frequently revised and updated. The postgraduate degrees are studied over 24 months by distance-learning.

Students receive comprehensive printed study guides with text books and other materials.

The programme is supported by an online virtual learning environment, which not only provides course materials and information, but also enables online discussions and contact with tutors.

Expert Presentations

The Civil Safety and Security Unit has good links with the Cabinet Office's Emergency Planning College. Indeed, as part of their studies, students on the MSc in Emergency Planning Management take three intensive campus-based short courses taught at the Emergency Planning College. Everyone on the courses has the option of attending three study schools at the University. At these events students get the chance to meet each other and their tutors, participate in seminars and workshops, and hear presentations from expert guest lecturers. Topics at a recent study school included the threats posed by terrorism, risks in contemporary societies, managing disasters, and humanitarian aid.

Outstanding Research by Police Officers

Some outstanding dissertations have been researched and written by police officers
on a wide range of topics. These include command and control of firearms incidents,
differences in risk perceptions of patrolling officers and their senior managers, policing and crowd management, hostage taking, risk communication, and policing and terrorism.

Students speak highly of the programmes. The MSc degrees have been described as
'fascinating and thought provoking', 'fantastic' and 'enriching', and 'more valuable than I could ever have imagined'. Professor John Benyon, from Leicester's Civil Safety and
Security Unit, said: 'We live in an age where risks seem to be multiplying and where we need greater knowledge of how to assess risk more effectively and take necessary and proportionate action. Working with such a varied and knowledgeable group of students is very interesting and rewarding.'

• For further details please contact Brenda-Louise Vine on riskmanagement@le.ac.uk or telephone 0116 252 5992

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