Retiring Soon? Become a Driving Instruction with AA Driving School's new training course

When one career ends and you're looking for another door to open, investing in becoming a driving instructor and running your own business could be the solution.

Re-training to become a driving instructor embraces many qualities you will already have gained through your existing career such as a responsible attitude, consideration for other road users, keeping a calm head, being punctual and dependable and have a desire to make a difference. The training requires personal commitment in terms of time and investment but equips you with a new skill for a rewarding future.

This is exactly what Brian Palmer decided to do when he retired from the armed forces. He now runs a successful driving school. He says "Although there are a number of training providers on the market, I chose to do my training with AA driving school as unlike other training providers, each AA trainee has their own individual tutor who works with you throughout the duration your training. It made a real difference for me to work with one person and gain the continuity of training," added Brian. The AA's comprehensive training also includes essential skills such as advertising and communication, very necessary for running your business.

After you complete your training and become a fully qualified instructor, you have the option to take out a franchise with AA driving school and run your own business. This provides a new AA driving school dual controlled Ford Focus, complete with insurance cover for you and your pupils to drive, road tax and servicing, any required maintenance (including tyre and glass repairs) so all that's left to pay for is your fuel. The car is replaced every six months and in an emergency, a new car is delivered to you the next day.

With the AA driving school franchise, you can go on to expand your skills further. Brian said, "For me taking control of my career has also meant that I have been able to take advantage of additional opportunities - such as training to become a driving instructor trainer with AA driving school as well as running my own franchise."

So if this is a career path you might like to consider, give the AA a call for a no-obligation chat. They will be happy to assist. Call 0800 107 2042 today.

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