Interior Design (Level 3 Award)

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Course Type: Home Study
Study Hours: 60 Hours/Flexible
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Do you have a flair for design? Do you enjoy seeing an idea in your head forming into reality and adding those vital finishing touches that can really make a room come to life?

The objectives of this programme are to describe the history of interior design, classic design styles and the work of leading designers, to investigate the seven design elements which contribute to a design, to explore the room elements which influence design, to undertake an actual interior design project, to develop a business plan for establishing a design business and also to identify tools of the trade.

The NCFE Interior Design course is divided into six comprehensive modules:

This Level 3 Interior Design course will detail how to make a living from your chosen career by looking at whether you have what it takes to become an interior designer and explaining factors such as Tax, VAT and insurance to be sure that you have covered all of the requirements to setup and run your own Interior Design business.

Unit 1 - The Background
Unit 2 - Design Elements
Unit 3 - Room Elements
Unit 4 - The Project
Unit 5 - Making a living from interior design
Unit 6 - Tools of the trade

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