How to investigate Arson - Training booklet now available

Throughout the United Kingdom the Police and Fire Services are working together to combat Arson through the use of Arson Task Forces or Arson Reduction Teams.

Dale Brunt is a Detective with Surrey Police and was seconded to the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Arson Task Force. He is a Registered Forensic Practitioner in Fire Investigation, a Forensic Practitioner of the Academy of Experts, a Member of the Forensic Science Society and an Affiliate member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Through his experiences and passion for the subject he has produced a booklet for Police First responders and investigating officers entitled 'How to investigate arson'.

Having been trained in fire scene examination he has gained his insight into investigations over a number of years attending suspicious fires and working with the Fire service to find cause.

Guidance was given to his police colleagues at the scenes or through training days held by Surrey Fire and Rescue. As a result of this, the book has been written to enable police first responders and investigation officers to acquire an understanding and knowledge of the investigation practices of Arson offences, the procedures for dealing with a Fatal Fire Investigation and identify the police role and the roles of others in that investigation.

So what's the booklet about? Well it covers the important bit - The Law and why police investigate arson. The role of the Fire Service, and the investigation itself. It also covers scene preservation and exhibit packaging, fatal fires, vehicle fires and health and safety. One final part is the use of Fire dogs in suspected accelerated fire scenes.

Dale has drawn on training with organizations such as The International
Association of Arson Investigators, Gardiner Associates, Forensic Pathways, whose value cannot be over-stated with regard to their investigation knowledge and support they offer to investigators of both services.

Other very good sources of reference are publications such as NFPA 921, Kirk's Fire Investigation, the FSS Scenes of Crime Handbook and FM Global Pocket guide to Fire and Arson Investigation, to name a few, are invaluable to the investigator. But there was nothing written specifically for the police investigator hence this booklet. It has the added advantage it is small enough to fit in the pocket.

This booklet was the culmination of a number of year's hard work within the team 'I have a drive inside, as a police officer l want to be the very best I can be, l give 150% and this booklet is my way of helping my colleagues get the most from what is potentially a pile of burnt debris.

The booklet is available from M.I. Associates Limited at or 01342 836700 priced at £3.00 each ISBN number 978-0-955949-0-5

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