Child Care (Level 3 Diploma)

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Course Type: Home Study
Study Hours: 150 Hours/Flexible
Tel: 0800 009 6081

If you'd like to embark upon a career as a childminder, the distance learning child care course can provide all the necessary training.

The home study child care course can act as a springboard towards a career as a childminder or day care assistant. The distance learning child care course is designed to suit you, allowing you to learn the core principles of being a childminder through flexible and cost-effective home study.

Our Home Learning Child Care Diploma leads to a nationally-recognised Level 3 award accredited by Ascentis. It has been designed to enable you to strengthen and develop your knowledge and understanding of home-based child care practices.

Course topics covered within the Child Care Diploma include: The introduction to childcare practice, childcare and child development (0-16), the childcare practitioner and planning to meet children's individual needs.

The Child Care Diploma will help you to improve your knowledge and skills, meet the requirements for basic training as part of childminder registration or application to be a registered childminder and undertake professional development.

With the distance learning child care course, a personal tutor is available to help you through the course. Additionally, our student advisors are only a phone call away.

The child care diploma consists of a number of modules, each of which relate to a particular aspect that is important and relevant to the child care assistant role.

Unit 1 - The key features of child development and developmental needs of children 0-8 years inclusive of individual and special needs

Unit 2 - Providing for children's physical needs inclusive of health and safety

Unit 3 - Learning through play for child development

Unit 4 - Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children

Unit 5 - Legal responsibilities of the childminder and responsibilities for working together

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