Another Successful Programme at the Institute of Criminology - University of Cambridge

The Police Executive Programme at the renowned Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge is pleased to report another successful programme.

The programme continues to deliver its part-time Diploma and Master's of Studies in Applied Criminology and Police Management for senior police officers (Chief Inspector and above) and is also attracting support from analysts for the Crime Analysis Section. The Crime Analysis section is open to all analysts with a good first degree.

The course continues to be three two-week blocks (Spring, July & September) with Year 1 leading to a Postgraduate Diploma and Year 2 leading to a Master's degree (M.St. - Cantab.).

A variety of teaching methods are used, all requiring active student participation. They include lectures and seminars, case studies, practical exercises and project work. Individual study is also necessary, including essays to be undertaken between the teaching blocks. The Cambridge programme is led by Professor Lawrence Sherman and is able to call upon strong support from leading Cambridge academics as well as senior police personnel to find a balance between academic theory, what works on the ground and the role of evidence based policing in a contemporary world.

All students have individual supervisions with Cambridge academic staff to discuss their work as it progresses throughout the courses; their supervisor will provide feedback on assessed essays as well as support during the teaching blocks. Assessment is through written essay assignments in year 1 and 2 more essays and an 18,000 word thesis in the Masters year.

For each study block, essential reading is provided as well as instruction in online searching for academic materials.

The diploma and master's courses were originally developed in partnership with Bramshill Police College to provide training for senior police officers in the study of crime and crime-related issues. This originally formed part of the SCC programme and over 40 of its alumni have gone on to become Chief Constables with another 90+ becoming Deputy and Assistant Chief Constables.
The Police Executive Programme is continuing this tradition with support from NPIA as well as individual police forces. It is the only programme outside Bramshill which is designed for this senior level of officers.

The International Evidence Based Policing Conference, co -funded by NPIA is also now established as an integral element of the course. This year's conference will take place on 6 & 7 July at Clare College. Speakers will include Peter Neyroud (Chief Executive of NPIA), Sir Ian Blair, Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms, Professor David Weisburd, David Howarth MP and many others. Please visit the Institute of Criminology website for further details.

For further information about the courses, please visit where you will find details about the course and application forms or contact Course Administrator Lucinda Bowditch by emailing or telephoning 01223 335373.

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