TeamPolice wins National Lottery funding

Wednesday, 27 January, 2021

In partnership with Sport England, and with £348k of funding from the National Lottery, TeamPolice is excited to announce the launch of 1TeamActive. A pilot sport and activity programme to improve the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing of our Policing family.

The Policing family is a unique section of our community. The very nature of their work means they often encounter stressful situations that most of the population will never have to experience. Policing is demanding, both physically and mentally, and studies have shown that this often has a detrimental effect on both their mental and physical wellbeing.

Using Police internal systems participants will be signposted to 1TeamActive, the pilot will involve four Forces hosting three events in spring, summer, and autumn. These 1TeamActive ‘introduction days’ will provide an opportunity for candidates and their families to learn, to meet others, and to try different activities in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment.

Following on from the initial event there will be 8 to 12 weeks of further activities - including a variety of online resources and training classes to provide flexible and encouraging help to keep participants engaged and, more importantly, active! The support will cover all levels of ability to enable full family participation.

Katherine Willoughby, 1TeamActive Programme Manager says, “I am delighted that we have achieved this award and excited about working in partnership with Sport England delivering our common goals. There is no better time than now to ensure we all get active and stay healthy to preserve our wellbeing. The Police service, like other emergency services right now, is exhausted and creaking at the seams. We have a civic duty to look after the people who look after us and that is why I am so pleased we can support the Police service with 1TeamActive.”

Andy Rhodes, Chief Constable for Lancashire says “As the National Wellbeing lead I am delighted to hear that TeamPolice has been granted funds from Sport England and the National Lottery to create the 1TeamActive pilot scheme. It is timely as our service faces extreme pressure through competing demands. 1TeamActive is an exciting and innovative programme to support the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff and I am looking forward to my force engaging as part of the scheme.”

Mike Diaper, Executive Director Children, Young People, & Tackling Inactivity at Sport England says, "We are pleased to be supporting 1TeamActive at a time when health and wellbeing has never been more important. Keeping active during this challenging time will really help the way the police and their families feel, both physically and mentally, through innovative ways to get everyone active and having some fun." The pilot is supporting Government and National Police priorities, and, after rigorous evaluation, the intent is to roll the scheme out nationally. key objectives:

• Embed a sustainable grass roots sport and activity programme within the Police Service which improves the mental and physical wellbeing of our police officers, staff, volunteers, and their families.

• Ensure the programme has maximum reach and particularly to those who will experience the greatest benefit.

• Provide opportunity, support and education to individuals that will have a lasting effect by changing lifestyle practices for the whole family.

• Deliver improved work performance by inspiring and supporting happier and healthier lifestyles amongst staff. • Provide an evidence-base, through evaluation, which demonstrates the causal link between the improved mental and physical wellbeing of staff and their families and keeping people safe.

• Ensure the programme is sustainable within the organisation delivering a continued healthy workforce. • Develop effective collaborative working relationships with all police forces involved with the programme.

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