Metfriendly prepares the police family for retirement

Friday, 26 July, 2019

Retirement may seem like a dream, however, it's important to ensure you are prepared for it to make the dream a reality.

Metfriendly currently hold free pre-retirement seminars at venues in and around London to better prepare police officers and police staff, who are less than five years away from retirement.

The seminars are filled with information that will help you understand all the options that are available to you when you retire from the police service. The seminars generally start at 10am, but as a rule of thumb, it is recommended that attendees arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the start time, so that you have time to help yourselves to a free tea or coffee and make yourselves comfortable.

A Metfriendly representative will then introduce themselves to you and go over housekeeping rules, before talking about the police friendly savings plans they offer, and why they might be an ideal place for you to invest for your later years. They will go over bonus rates, past performance history and explain how their Lump Sum ISA and With-Profit Bond both have a track record of providing their members with a strong return on their investment.

You will be introduced to a full range of Metfriendly savings plans that are not only designed to help you achieve financial security, but your family as well. Metfriendly will talk about the Lifetime ISA, which is designed to help those aged 18-39 save for a deposit on their first property or towards later life. This may be something of interest for those who have children and nieces/nephews as the Government pays in a 25% bonus with each contribution, provided it is used for a qualifying first-time property purchase (see website for full terms) or cashed in after aged 60. This means the Metfriendly Lifetime ISA has potential to help them get their foot on the property ladder quicker!

If you’re looking into saving for grandchildren, there are also a range of children’s savings plans (including ISAs) that you can benefit from. Starting to save a little each month when they are young can build a significant amount of money for them to withdraw at aged 18. This can help your grandchildren buy their first car, fund university or perhaps even reinvest into a Lifetime ISA, so that their money continues to work hard whilst continuing to save for a deposit on a first home. Metfriendly will explain the features and benefits of their products in more detail at the seminar.

Metfriendly will also be joined by Angela Hackett, who is the owner and founder of "Police into Private Sector". She will share her expertise on careers after the police service.

This includes:

  • helping you with your personal and business development
  • securing a new job
  • CV writing
  • using social media to find new opportunities
  • starting a business
  • training

Angela and her team have a strong reputation for supporting former police officers to successfully transition into new careers and build thriving businesses. If you need to write a CV or create a LinkedIn profile, then this part of the session will prove extremely useful.

Debbie McKnight from Lifetime Solicitors is another guest speaker at the Metfriendly pre-retirement seminars. She explains the importance of protecting those assets you have worked so hard for during your policing careers.

Debbie will go over:

  • Wills
  • Estate planning
  • Mortgages

So, there you have it – Metfriendly’s free pre-retirement seminars in a nutshell! What's stopping you from coming along for some free guidance to help better prepare you for your retirement?

• Book your place onto a Metfriendly pre-retirement seminar now by going to or give the team a call on 01689 891454 if you have any questions.

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