UK Security Expo announce launch of Live Operations Centre

Friday, 28 April, 2017


UK Security Expo announce the launch of the Live Operations Centre, a major new feature which will take central stage at the event which takes place from the 29-30 November 2017 at London’s Olympia.

Over 150 event stakeholders attended the 2nd Annual Networking Reception held aboard HMS Belfast on 27th April. Lord West, Chairman of UK Security Expo, introduced Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, former Commissioner of the Met Police who delivered a keynote speech, followed by Peter Jones, Chief Executive of UK Security Expo, who announced the new feature.

A major new initiative that has not been seen at any security exhibition before, the Live Operations Centre will recreate the exact environment used by Security, Intelligence Agencies and Police globally. It will illustrate dynamically how the multiple agencies including Military, Civil and Police along with government and media, work together to carry out operations and keep major public events safe and secure.

The unique feature which will bind all the strands of security together was inspired by Lord Jonathan Evans, former Chief of MI5 and UK Security Expo will also be working in close collaboration with Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe to ensure that the feature truly reflects that of a real Operations Centre.

The Live Operations Centre will enable attendees to see live technologies in action and participate in scenario based training exercises to show how data, intelligence, physical and personnel capabilities combine to tackle the most serious of threats. Attendees will be able to take a seat and watch an operation get under way, understand the role of the various technologies and the process of planning or responding to an incident. They will be able to see the role of all parties and watch first-hand how the information is fed through and how the decision-making process works.

Peter Jones, Chief Executive of UK Security Expo commented: “There has been a long-standing desire from Government and Industry for a global security event that showcases how the hundreds of individual security technologies feed into solutions that keep our people, borders and infrastructure safe and secure. And here it is. The Live Operations Centre will use intelligence drawn from a mass of various technologies including check point, biometrics, surveillance, CCTV, Access Control and Perimeters and feed it back to an Operations Centre where multi-agency partners manage this information to carry out operations and respond to major incidents.”

Chairman Lord West added: “UK Security Expo is entirely unique in reflecting the outstanding work of our security and intelligence agencies whilst illustrating the crucial role of so many innovative technologies. I’m thrilled that after such a long time we finally see all of the threads come together with the launch of the Live Operations Centre feature.”

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