Nottinghamshire Police Band perfomances 23rd November 2013

Thursday, 21 November, 2013

Members of the Nottinghamshire Police Band are brushing up on their French as they prepare to swap Mapperley and the Meadows for the sights of Monaco.

Twenty one members of the 52-strong band are jetting off to Monte Carlo following an invitation to perform at the 6th Annual Gala of the International Police Association (IPA).

It is the first time the band, well known for their rousing performances at the Force’s awards ceremonies, have been invited to perform at the event.

Director of music Gary Glover said: “We are very excited to be going and it is quite an honour to be asked.

“The last time we travelled abroad was to Nottingham’s twinned city Karlsruhe in Germany. That was some time ago so it will be good to show our colleagues from around the world what Nottinghamshire can do.”

The IPA is an independent body made up of retired and serving members of the police service with the purpose of friendship and international cooperation.

The band is set to perform on two occasions throughout the conference on Saturday (23 November 2013). The first will be outside a casino and the second during a gala dinner.

Mr Glover said: “We’ll be performing music from films and shows. The atmosphere is set to be very lively and our performances will reflect that.”

The group will undertake a final rehearsal on Wednesday before their instruments are packed up and sent to Monte Carlo. Band members who can attend will follow on Friday.

Nottinghamshire Police Band can trace its origins to the Nottingham Police Borough Band, formed in about 1887. For more information visit

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