Police specials get involved in week of action

Friday, 08 November, 2013

SPECIAL constables across Lancashire worked over 3,000 hours during a week of action designed to raise awareness of the work that they do.

The volunteer officers from Lancashire Constabulary took part in a range of operations across the county between Wednesday 30 October and Tuesday 5 November.

They took part in a variety of policing activities, ranging from policing the busy towns and cities during the evening and carrying out reassurance patrols, to getting involved in specialist operations for Halloween and bonfire night.

A total of 3,314 hours were worked by 237 officers from the force’s Special Constabulary.

The officers attended 273 incidents throughout the week and 109 litres of alcohol, which was being used illegally or irresponsibly, was seized by the officers during their duties.

Nigel Walters, the Chief Officer of Lancashire’s Special Constabulary, said: “The work our special constables have put in during this week highlights the significant impact that the Special Constabulary makes in keeping our communities safe.

“Our Special Constabulary works every day alongside our regular policing colleagues. It is an integral part of policing in the county and we hope that this week of action has helped raise awareness of the work we do.”

Chief Supt Bill McMahon added: “Our Special Constabulary is a valuable resource – special constables get involved with the community and make a real difference to the people living there.

“This week was an opportunity to recognise the fantastic work that our Special Constabulary does day-in-day-out to help keep the communities of Lancashire safe.”

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw said: "I've been out with Special Constables several times since my election and I have always been impressed.

"The time and effort they put in is invaluable to Lancashire Constabulary and helps strengthen vital links between the police and the county's communities."

You can follow Lancashire’s Special Constabulary on @LancsSCCOTeam and on Facebook at ‘Lancashire Constabulary specials’.

Lancashire Constabulary has a total of 443 special constables. They have full police powers and perform the same duties as regular officers. These can range from general patrol to the policing of football matches and road traffic incidents.

Specials wear the same uniform as police officers and are issued with the same equipment. Aged 18 and above, they work flexible hours with a minimum requirement of four hours per week and provide their time and expertise without financial reward.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the work of the Special Constabulary or who is interested in becoming a special constable should call 01772 410392.

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