CCL-Forensics and Fujitsu develop a new generation of forensic workstations

Monday, 09 September, 2013

CCL-Forensics have announced the worldwide launch of the Forensic CELSIUS R920 workstation. Developed in collaboration with Fujitsu, the Forensic CELSIUS R920 is the only forensic workstation on the market that has been developed by analysts for analysts – at the UK’s leading digital forensics laboratory. As a result, the Forensic CELSIUS R920 boasts unrivalled performance, expandability and reliability, whilst providing the ideal platform for the most demanding multi-core applications used by digital forensic practitioners.

‘As the UK’s leading digital forensics provider, we have seen our fair share of workstations, and we understand the issues facing analysts who use them - noise levels, reliability and having the power to process multiple cases simultaneously. If a workstation goes down, an analyst can lose hours – or even days – of work. By collaborating with Fujitsu, we have used our experience as a digital forensics laboratory to develop a state-of-the-art forensic workstation capable of high-performance multi-core processing whilst being reliable and minimising noise in the lab.’ explained Andrew Krauze, Managing Director at CCL-Forensics.

The Forensic CELSIUS R920 has been custom built for CCL-Forensics by Fujitsu in their factory in Augsburg, Germany with input from CCL’s digital forensics practitioners throughout. It has also been put through over 12 months of intensive field trials by CCL’s analysts, working on the most demanding and power-hungry applications.


The Forensic CELSIUS R920 is an expandable and customisable workstation with up to 512GB RAM and powerful multi-core processing capabilities, optimised for use with forensic toolsets.

Entry level, mid-range and high-end workstations have been developed to match the varying needs of analysts, ranging from imaging, smartphone and mobile device forensics to the complex cases requiring maximum processing power. Each level sees an increase in processing power, memory and hard-drive.

‘Previously, it would take one of our analysts a week to process a 500GB case file; now with the Forensic CELSIUS R920 we can do it in less than a day. This means we can help our clients get the data they need much more quickly.’ added Andrew Krauze.

The Forensic CELSIUS R920 has been designed and optimised for use with the Intel Xeon set of CPUs.

Pricing and Availability

The Forensic CELSIUS R920 is exclusively available from CCL-Forensics. Prices range from £2515.00 + VAT for an entry level machine to £7344.00 + VAT for the high-end machine with maximum processing power.

About CCL-Forensics

CCL-Forensics is the UK’s largest digital forensics laboratory, and is the only company of its kind to be an ISO17025 accredited testing laboratory for mobile phone, computer and Sat Nav analysis.

Since established in 2001, CCL-Forensics has completed more than 50,000 cases, including computer, mobile phone, Sat Nav, CCTV and cell site analysis.

CCL-Forensics offers a full range of services from first response, full or preview forensic analysis of most types of digital media, through to reporting and providing expert evidence in court.

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