Extending PCSO powers

Wednesday, 17 April, 2013

Adrian Lee, the Chief Constable for Northamptonshire Police, has announced a trial, which will see the powers for Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) extended.

From April, for a trial period, 23 PCSOs across Kettering borough will be able to issue fixed penalty notices and arrange removal of vehicles causing obstruction.

The powers are designated under the Road Traffic Regulation Act, sections 95-96 and are delegated to each PCSO individually by the Chief Constable. The new powers are in addition
to their existing ones Mr Lee said: "PCSOs are a hugely valuable part of the Northamptonshire Police team and work extremely hard getting to know and support their local communities.

"Communities in turn regularly tell us how much they appreciate their PCSOs and the difference they make. They have however told us about examples where having greater powers would enable the PCSO to deliver a more complete service. With parking obstructions regularly identified as a local priority, PCSOs themselves were keen to increase their powers in this area."

PCSOs are the face of community policing and have successfully worked alongside officers across Northamptonshire for the past 10 years.

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