PSAEW President Comments on HMIC Report, Policing in Austerity, One Year On

Monday, 02 July, 2012

Speaking today on the publication of HMIC report 'Policing in Austerity - One Year On' the President of the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales, Chief Superintendent Derek Barnett, said:

"In welcoming this report I am particularly encouraged by the Inspectorate's conclusion that police forces are maintaining a high level of service to the public despite significant reductions in funding. This reflects the outstanding dedication, commitment and professionalism of police officers and staff across England and Wales at all levels. However, Chief Constables still have to close a significant gap in funding over the next few years and the election of Police and Crime Commissioners in November will help decide how further savings can be made. I am encouraged that overall crime has continued to fall and that public satisfaction has risen but it will become increasingly challenging in time to protect the level of service and performance and therefore it is even more important to ensure that our officers and staff are equipped, trained and supported to do the difficult and demanding job that the public expect of them".

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