Ex-Police Chief joins driver education organisation

Tuesday, 01 May, 2012

Educating motorists is the best way to prevent road deaths and injuries, said a former district commander of Devon and Cornwall Police who has joined a national driver training organisation.

Colin Terry, who retired after a 30 year police career, has now joined the TTC Group, a specialist national driver training organisation from Telford which aims to reduce road casualties across the UK.

"Preventing someone from killing themselves because of their lack of experience on the road is a cause which I would like to use my skills to contribute towards," he said.

Many road crashes were also caused by experienced drivers not paying attention or forgetting the rules of the road, said Mr Terry (52), who is the new TTC Group Regional Co-ordinator for Devon and Cornwall and Avon and Somerset.

He will liaise with police and ensure the smooth running of speed awareness courses and the National Driver Alertness Scheme in both regions.

Mr Terry has worked in police traffic departments, trained police in Kenya and Afghanistan while on secondment to the Foreign Office. He was a District Commander in Cornwall in 2000 moving to Devon in 2004 as Commander of Exeter, North, Mid and East Devon.
Alan Prosser, TTC Group's manager of the National Driver Retraining Scheme, said he was very pleased to welcome a very experienced trainer and road safety professional.

"We work in partnership with police, councils and the road safety partnership to deliver courses which help drivers improve their knowledge and skills.

"Motorists who go on our courses tell us that it has helped them to remember forgotten driving skills and to take more care when driving."

The driver alertness course involves two hours on the road training with a qualified instructor to help improve driving as an alternative to a fine.

For more information about driver education visit www.ttc-uk.com or call 0845 270 4363.

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