Becrypt helps Merseyside Police devote more time to frontline services

Thursday, 15 December, 2011

New encryption technology saves time and money for Crime Scene Investigators.

Merseyside Police has deployed new encryption and secure remote access technology from leading cyber security expert Becrypt to enable all members of the force's Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit to record and access restricted case information quickly, remotely and securely. Since installing Becrypt's Trusted Client solution, the local police authority, which covers the major metropolitan boroughs of Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Liverpool North and Liverpool South, has realised significant cost and time savings that will ultimately deliver better frontline services to 1.5 million people living in the region.

Before Becrypt, CSIs at Merseyside Police had to return to the office after each job to complete incident related paperwork. Therefore a significant part of their day was spent travelling to and from the office. Now that they are able to complete paperwork remotely online using the new Becrypt encrypted laptops, they are far more efficient and able to complete many more jobs per day. In addition, the portability of laptops supports the 24/7 mobile nature of the department. Not only do the laptops provide a more secure environment with two factor authentication and a smart card reader but they facilitate faster access with a simple, two-step process that takes just 90 seconds.

Dr Bernard Parsons, CEO of Becrypt, commented, "Many organisations, in both public and private sectors are deriving measurable benefits from using our encryption and remote access technology. Cost and time savings represent tangible business advantages for Merseyside Police who, like many local authority organisations, are under increased pressure to provide excellent frontline services within reduced budgets. The CSI Unit at Merseyside Police is taking the lead in using cyber security solutions, that are approved by the UK Government for use with sensitive data, to contribute strategically to their organisation and deliver enhanced frontline services to the general public."

Merseyside Police plans to replicate the success of the CSI Unit to other parts of the organisation. When users require a new laptop, the aim is to equip them with a Becrypt encrypted laptop which has proven to offer far greater and enhanced benefits in terms of security, cost and ease of maintenance over the traditional VPN options.

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