SPSA Welcomes Announcement of Single Scottish Police Service

Wednesday, 07 September, 2011

The Scottish Police Services Authority (SPSA), which was set up four years ago to bring together a range of police support services on a national basis, has today welcomed the announcement that the organisation will unite with the Forces as part of a single Scottish Police Service.

SPSA Chief Executive Andrea Quinn said:

"I am convinced that this represents the best outcome for policing as a whole, and the best outcome for the crucial support services we provide. A united police service is a fantastic opportunity for us all to maximise the effectiveness of our work, and to strip out further duplication and costs in a future where every penny will count.

"Much of our work since we were set-up has been based on a model of national service provision with local delivery. That very much mirrors the aims of a single police service.

"The creation of SPSA was an important first step on the journey of police reform. The lessons learned over the last four years will be crucial in establishing the blueprint for the transformation to come.

"Reform will need to be delivered alongside supporting the day to day needs of the police. We will not lose sight of that. But we are absolutely committed to making a success of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Scottish policing."

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