PSAEW Comment on Peter Neyroud's Review of Police Leadership and Training:

Tuesday, 05 April, 2011

Derek Barnett, President of the Police Superintendents' Association of England and Wales, said: 'I welcome the publication of this long awaited Report and recognise the time is right to examine Police Leadership and development.

'Peter Neyroud has undertaken a wide ranging examination of recruitment, training, development and leadership and has not been afraid to challenge the established ways of the Service. His report is detailed and complex and will require time to properly understand the implications of his recommendations.

'The Superintendents' Association represents the senior operational leaders of the Police Service and many of the recommendations will directly affect our members who are not only the current senior operational leaders of the Service, but also future chief officers.

'We understand that it is important in the 21st Century to professionalise the Service but we should be clear and draw a distinction between the professionalism of individuals - already clearly evident throughout the ranks - and the addition of professional qualifications. We must not underestimate the professionalism that already exists in the Service and so these recommendations will build upon solid foundations.

'Proposals for a simplified and standardised PDR process are welcomed, as is the recommendation relating to the development of a Senior Management in Policing Qualification which would support our members in their professional development but also those who aspire to be future Chief Officers.

'The most radical and far reaching recommendation is to create a service wide Professional Body. We support this proposal in principle. However, for this to happen it will be important to recognise that this should actively engage all parts of the Service and will fail if it is seen simply as a re-branding of the current Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). The position of the Superintendents' Association sitting between the Police Federation and ACPO means that we can play a vital part in bringing together the different views across the Service.

'We are pleased that the report acknowledges the high international reputation and credibility of our Police Service and we support the proposal for an International Policing Programme based here in the UK.

'One of the major strengths of our Service is the broad base and diverse background of recruits and careful management will be required to ensure that if the recommendation is accepted to introduce pre-entry qualifications we do not lose that range of life experience so valued by the creator of the modern Police Service, Sir Robert Peel.

'This is a great opportunity for policing and the public we serve, and we will now use the full 90 day consultation period to consult with our members before making a detailed response to the Report. We will also utilise this time to discuss the recommendations with fellow stakeholders to ensure that whatever outcome is achieved benefits the whole Service and our communities.'

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