Just Talk

Wednesday, 29 December, 2010

A common sense approach to policing has prompted the Chief Constable of Merseyside, Jon Murphy, to encourage his officers and staff to build stronger relations with communities by making the most of opportunities to talk with the public.

Just Talk is an internal communications and leadership programme, which is being personally led by the Chief to get everyone within the force to understand the benefits of talking with the public, listening to them, understanding their issues and responding to them.

Before taking up the position of Chief, Mr Murphy, observed that officers would talk to witnesses and victims of crime as part of everyday business, but not many other people. Just Talk was developed to instil the power of stopping and talking to people everyday, to help build relationships and improve the force's understanding of the communities it protects.

Just Talk has been promoted by using video, direct communication, leaders briefings, posters, cartoons, intranet, screen savers, and ambient materials such as washroom stickers, which have helped encourage a culture of strong leadership and a desire to talk more with the

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