Making Interactive Maps Available To BlackBerry Users on the Move

Monday, 27 September, 2010

New level of mobile interactive mapping capability available for emergency services

BlackBerry smartphone users will soon be able to view and edit map and location data on the move as ESRI UK becomes the official, exclusive distributor for TDC's Freeance™ Mobile Software in the UK.

The application will allow police forces and other emergency services already using BlackBerry smartphones to open up live dynamic maps, data collection and location services to their staff. For the police, this will provide the first secure means of delivering map based intelligence and briefing information to frontline officers on the streets.

Richard Waite, Managing Director of leading (Geographic Information Systems )GIS provider, ESRI UK, said, "We are pleased to announce that ESRI UK is becoming the official distributor of Freeance Mobile Software in the UK. With the UK having an ever increasing mobile workforce, we are committed to providing software which is in-line with technological advancements and the demands of our customers. This will further fulfil our mission to make GIS technology an indispensible part of everyday life."

Freeance software allows any organisation running ESRI's flagship ArcGIS Server software to publish their maps live to an unlimited number of BlackBerry smartphones. This presents another opportunity for public safety organisations to realise efficiency savings, delivering more for less from their IT investment. This is achieved, for example, by not needing to return to the office to access or record collected information manually. Freeance delivers the means to remotely collect location-specific information, for example, road traffic accident details, or to view emergency response data such as flooding extents or gain a quick understanding of crime patterns in a specific area.

"By uniting the strengths of both companies, this partnership adds new value to GIS in government, utilities, public safety and other enterprises within the UK," said Matthew Reddington, CEO of TDC Group, Inc. "Using Freeance Mobile software, customers now can leverage all the benefits mobile GIS has to offer such as increased efficiencies, dramatic cost savings and better customer service. We are excited to work with a firm as capable as ESRI UK to implement and support our innovative Freeance Mobile software for customers in the UK."

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