North Yorkshire Police statement regarding the Home Secretary's announcement today (29 June 2010) about crime reduction, the Policing Pledge and the confidence performance measure:

Tuesday, 29 June, 2010

DCC Adam Briggs

Deputy Chief Constable Adam Briggs said:

"The Home Secretary has made it clear that the Government sees the top priority for the police being crime reduction. North Yorkshire Police has a history of achieving year-on-year reductions in crime (a 22% reduction over the past three years). We will continue to work hard for our communities seeking to reduce the already low levels of crime further in a way which enhances the trust and confidence that local people have in us.

"The quality of service North Yorkshire Police delivers to our communities is important to us.

"The outgoing Policing Pledge defined this level of service more clearly in terms of a national standard. North Yorkshire Police will continue to embrace the fundamental good practices of the pledge across North Yorkshire and the City of York ensuring that the quality of our customer service continues to improve.

"The same is also true of the single confidence performance measure that the new Government is changing. Local confidence in North Yorkshire Police is very important to us, and raising public confidence and increasing public satisfaction in the policing service we deliver is still very much on our agenda."

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