Help for Deaf community

Tuesday, 13 April, 2010

Gwent Police and the British Deaf Association have joined forces to launch a
national crime prevention DVD to help the Deaf community throughout the UK to stay safe.

The DVD, which is based on common crime prevention scenarios and is signed by an interpreter throughout, was the idea of Gwent Police Inspector Kevin Childs who, having worked closely with members of the Deaf community, had become aware of their need to access crime prevention advice.

The versatility of a DVD enables various visual options to be switched on and off including subtitles, a person signing, subtitles in other languages and a facility for lip reading. He liased with the community groups regarding the content and applied and received funding from Association of Chief Police Officers to produce the DVD.

The DVD was filmed with assistance from the British Deaf Association, using local actors from in and around the Caerphilly area and two lead characters who are Deaf.

Inspector Childs is now in the process of implementing engagement meetings to introduce the DVD to community groups and it has also been distributed throughout the UK for use with community groups and police forces.

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