Closing the generation gap

Tuesday, 08 December, 2009

A groundbreaking partnership scheme, which will see sixth form students
carrying out safety checks at elderly people's homes, was launched in Purbeck,
Dorset last month.

Thanks to a grant from Purbeck Community Partnership and the Eastern Dorset
Crime Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP), Purbeck Partnership Advisors on Living Safely (PPALS) was formed, and includes representatives from Dorset Police, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service,
Purbeck District Council and Purbeck School. The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the generation gap between
young and old, whilst providing a useful service to potentially vulnerable members of the community.

Sixth form students from Purbeck School who volunteered to be a part of the initiative were trained to ensure
that homes they visit pass a number of safety checks. They will also ensure that residents have a planned exit strategy if
there was a fire, are aware of security lighting, points of entry and belong to a home watch scheme. Students have also been trained to recognise areas in need of improvement.

They will then feedback any identified areas to the Dorset Police Crime Prevention Officer who will produce a report based on their findings.
Funding from Purbeck Community
Partnership and the Eastern Dorset CDRP has ensured that students have full
PPALs uniform, carry special ID cards, and have access to special equipment in order to successfully carry out the
home visits. The safety packs include
tools, which allow the students
to carry out installing smoke detectors. The pack also includes identification
cloths, a security marking kit and a first aid kit.

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