New Police Federation Headquarters invests in totally integrated communications infrastructure

Friday, 10 July, 2009

When The Police Federation of England and Wales moved into its new, purpose-built headquarters in Leatherhead, it turned to audio visual integrator Reflex Limited to specify and install the complex audio visual requirements.

With a range of communication objectives in areas spanning four floors of the building, the brief was a complicated and challenging one which demanded a high degree of project management.

Ease of use, central control and a commonality of user interfaces were the key objectives of the Federation.

In the basement, housing a swimming pool and gym, entertainment is the key objective. Reflex installed large flat panel displays, with speakers in the gym as well as the pool and changing areas. Videos can be played through an Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) system and is all controlled from a central point.

On the ground floor, effective communication is the objective. Fifteen bedrooms each have a widescreen LCD which have a discrete profile and low running costs.

Two training rooms feature high resolution ceiling mounted LCD projectors and large ceiling mounted electric screens, which can be raised when not in use. Material is shown from a computer or DVD/VCR combination unit, with the presenter being able to easily switch from one to the other. Connecting an interactive 15" tablet lets the presenter interact with the content that is shown on the large screen, for example, by adding notes or highlighting specific points. A smaller, wireless panel can be passed around the delegates, meaning the audience can also interact with the large screen. This interactivity helps to engage and involve the audience.

The conference room on this floor has dual functionality. Reflex designed the technology so that it can operate as one single, large room or can be split into two independent rooms, each with its own AV equipment. This means that different audience sizes can be easily accommodated.

In the Atrium area, the objective is to welcome and inform visitors. Three large screen displays are wall mounted and used for showing computer based presentations and information to guests waiting in this area. To the side of the Atrium is a bar area, where the latest dynamic digital signage system welcomes visitors.

On the first floor, three Committee Rooms each have a large wall mounted LCD display and the interactive functions of the training rooms are repeated.

This floor also houses the Federation's TV studio, where a broadcast quality Camcorder and a live content producer means that meetings, conferences and interviews can be recorded/transmitted. The content producer also streams live or recorded video to the IPTV distribution system for viewing around the building.

A further twenty bedroom suites on the first floor and another twenty on the second floor each has similar equipment to the ground floor rooms. All the bedrooms, as well as the committee rooms and training rooms, have access to Freeview,

Finally, outside every conference, training and committee room in an LCD panel which shows users the status of each room. This is controlled by the 'Room Wizard', a system which means any room can be centrally booked and managed. It even allows the functionality of the systems within the room to be remotely managed.

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