A very 'Special' day for Metropolitan Special Constabulary

Thursday, 14 May, 2009

A very 'Special' day is planned in Enfield. On Saturday 27th June, the
borough will be entirely patrolled by officers in the Metropolitan Special
Constabulary (MSC). Not only is this a first for Enfield, but a first for the MPS.

Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers. They wear the same
uniform as regular officers; they have the same powers and responsibilities.
On 27th June, the twelve hour tour of duty will see the MSC responding to
calls, patrolling hotspots and undertaking any other operational duties
required on the day.

Chief Inspector Ray Rogers, Partnerships, Enfield Borough:

"The MSC is set to grow significantly in numbers towards 2012. This day will
re-inforce the credibility and trust that the MSC have and ensure confidence
both internally and externally in their capabilities. This day will further support our corporate image as we grow and develop our MSC further."

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