Dorset police to review use of Taser

Tuesday, 06 January, 2009

Dorset Police is conducting a review to determine its future use of Taser equipment, following the Home Secretary's announcement of support for the use of the incapacitating device by specially trained officers.

The aim of the review is to establish whether more officers should be trained and equipped with Taser in the future and whether wider deployment of the device is required.

There are currently almost 70 officers - authorised firearms officers and public order instructors, the latter who are qualified as specially trained Taser officers - trained to use Taser in Dorset.

Chief Superintendent Colin Searle, Head of the Dorset Police Operations Division, said, "At present, Dorset Police authorised firearms officers and specialist public order trainers - who are qualified as specially trained Taser officers - utilise Taser as an effective, less lethal, alternative to firearms. As a result of the recent pilot scheme in some forces, we are conducting a review to determine our future arrangements for the wider deployment of Taser in the Force.

"Officers will need to undergo specialist training for this role. We are pleased that the Home Secretary has signalled her commitment to assist with funding for this purpose. The Taser device has a key role to play in ensuring officer and public safety."

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